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  • Casio G-shock Mudmaster
    Enkel jaren geleden al een spiegelreflexcamera (Nikon D7000) gekocht via deze site. Deze werd na 14 dagen bezorgd. Bestellen via EglobalCentral.nl = eenvoudig, voordelig en betrouwbaar!! Derhalve, met een prijsvoordeel van ong. €320,- met de NL-prijs, een Casio G-Shock Mudmaster gekocht. Binnen een week vanuit Engeland geleverd!! Klasse. Voor mij volgende keer weer EglobalCentral.
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    • Betrouwbaar
    • Authentiek product
    • Snelle levering
    • Geen
  • Eglobal Central - professional Thieves
    If I would need just one word to define this eglobalcentral.nl company, I would definitely use Thieves . Here is the story: On March 08, 2018 I have ordered from them Amazon Echo Dot. I got initial ation for EUR 51,99 including free shipment. At the end of that day they added EUR 1,04 for shipment, but of course I decided not to argue for this small amount. As it followed from the TT, on March 13th my order arrived to my country of origin, The Netherlands, and was hold with the status held in branch. Since I did not see any changes, on March 16th I sent inquiry. To my surprise, Dutch Customer support told me that I have provided wrong address, which is why they can not deliver my order. It was a bit surprising, but I immediately provided them with my proper address. On March 19th they replied with demand to pay extra EUR 25 (!) for changing the address. Just imagine: device costs EUR 51,99, delivery from Hing-Kong costs EUR 1,04, and unclear to me need to change address- EUR 25 ! Of course I requested explanation, and, as it followed from the reply of Customer Service, on March 22 they sent my order back to Hong Kong. This was done without any warming to me. On April 16th I found that they deleted me from the system as a client. I received another strange explanation, that my e-mail address was changed to the wrong one (?). I was further informed that I will receive 50% of the money as soon as the order will be delivered to their warehouse in Asia. Remaining 50% (EUR 25) was supposed to cover delivery back to Honk-Kong. Since then I sent about 12 different reminders, and questions about date of receiving at least this amount of money. In reply I kept receiving standard answer that I will be paid as soon as the order is delivered back to them. According to them, it should have taken four weeks. Short summary of this long story: you place order, you get nothing, but only chain of lies and frustration. Your money is gone, and you waste a lot of time to get nowhere. Today, three months (!) after placing the order you have no device, no money, and no clarity from these criminals. Don’t repeat my mistake: do not try to save a few dollars or euros with thieve criminals, buy from reliable proven companies.
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    • Stealing your money
    • Terrible service
Eglobalcentral.nl Eglobalcentral.nl
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eGlobal Central Nederland is een wereldwijde online shop voor alle merken van consumentenelektronica en gadgets afkomstig uit dehele wereld.

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